National Engineers has completed the Engineering Design for the Interstate Foods facility in June of 2015, the plant is located at 310 S Long Beach Blvd. Compton, CA 9022 and presently is in full operation. This project was awarded to National Engineers by American Construction Management & Engineering (ACME) Inc. 600 Playhouse Alley, Suite. 501 Pasadena, CA 91101. ( ) This was a fast track project that we completed in less than two months and submitted the permit set to the City of Compton California for Plan Check.

Interstate Foods is a Further Processing Poultry facility which deals with cutting, retrieval, formulation, processing, preserving and handling of chicken meat products. Interstate is also is undertaking the complex task of product development.
National Engineers was responsible for the MEP design of the new Corporate Offices and design of two temperature level refrigeration rack system for Coolers, Production Room, and a Freezer. Additionally, National designed the ventilation system for cleanup of Production Room, plumbing, and natural gas piping system.