Simply Essentials™ is a premium line of protein products that have unique characteristics that make it naturally better for you. It all starts at the source – when the animals eat better, so do you. We’ve spent years researching, developing and perfecting our USDA process verified proprietary flax-based diet. It naturally raises essential Omega-3 fatty acid levels and lowers cholesterol in beef, chicken, pork and dairy. Not only that, but makes our processes more sustainable and is a better, healthier feed for animals overall. Plus, it produces the great proteins you love without altering the taste. Simply Essentials was founded with a focus on the growing demand for functional foods (foods that deliver health benefits beyond their basic nutritional value.
Simply Essentials Poultry has awarded the design of the ammonia refrigeration system to National Engineers
for the new Poultry facility in Charles City, Iowa. This included the design of ‘State of the Art’ air chill system for highly sanitary cooling of chicken as opposed to conventional cooling with all birds submerged in ‘Red Blood Water Chiller’ that increase the probability of bacterial contamination and heavy chemicals are used in containing bacteria growth in the Red Water Chiller.
Additionally, this work includes design of Hygienic Air Handling System for production area, Plate & Frame Condensers, Pump package Recirculator, Loading Dock Evaporators, and more.