Cold Storage Design and Engineering (Refrigeration)

We at National Engineers understands that whether you are a major food chain, local grocery store, or food manufacturer, you need to ensure the goods you distribute are the quality your customers expect. From here to there and everything in between your groceries, medication, and beverages must be protected in transit and during those important stops before reaching your consumers.

Tran Systems has designed over 150 million SQFT of manufacturing and distribution space within the past 10 years, much of it refrigerated. Whether it is a new site or an expansion or renovation of an existing facility, our teams can adapt to any environment and can deliver a project to meet your needs, regardless of refrigerant type.

Our expertise in cold storage and refrigerated processing includes specialized knowledge of industrial refrigeration, recognized leadership in thermal envelope design, cold chain compliant, environmentally responsible, cost-efficient designs, integration of multi-temperature facilities, and small and large facilities, ranging from 10,000 sq. ft. to 500,000 sq. ft.

We also design custom systems for any specialized requirements, from Process Cooling to Food Freezing ranging from -50 degrees to +160 degrees to liquid nitrogen flash-freezing.  We know refrigeration and how design the most cost efficient facilities.